Location Data To Win The Last Mile

  • E-commerce growth due to COVID-19 has changed the Last Mile forever

  • Time is money when it comes to Last Mile and Residential deliveries have grown 70% and continue to get more expensive

  • The Location is what determines how long a delivery will take and thus how expensive it will be

  • HighlanderTek offers specific location information about what is at an address for Shippers, TMS Providers, Freight Brokers, and Freight Auditors

  • We will provide a specific Location Type for the actual address you are shipping to such as Private Residence, Apartment, Shopping Center, Distribution Center, and many more

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Location Is What Matters

Armed with location information from HighlanderTek, you can take back control of your shipping costs.

TIME makes Last Mile so expensive

  • It can take up to 4x's longer to deliver to a Private Residence than a Distribution Center
  • Freight loaded on a trailer with no lift-gate could result in a redelivery fee
  • Not scheduling the right amount time for a delivery results in a bad ETA and an upset customer

Are unknown Residential deliveries costing you money?

  • E-Commerce deliveries to Private Residences and other Limited Access locations take longer than normal commercial deliveries.
  • Carriers add accessorial charges in order to be compensated for their time.
  • Today, a quote does not automatically include accessorials because it was based on only a postal code.
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What Is A Location Type?

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A Location Type describes what is at the address

The business may be a national chain coffee shop but that really doesn't tell you what the delivery will require.  The Starbucks could be in an Office Building, School, Hotel or many other locations. 

HighlanderTek provides location information about where the delivery is made, not what the business is. 

Become A Shipper of Choice

  • You could save money on shipping by providing accurate location data to your carrier. 
  • Carriers need this information in order to plan routes and more efficiently make deliveries.
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How Does It Work?

HighlanderTek provides location information through its extremely fast and responsive API.  We require a monthly subscription and can connect to any TMS or ERP.


Who Can Benefit From HighlanderTek?



Shippers | TMS Providers

Make sure you know the location of your customers delivery so you can:
  1. Get a correct quote for the shipping cost
  2. Provide an accurate ETA
  3. Make sure that the delivery will be completed when you say it will
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Freight Brokers

  1. Make sure the quote you provide your customers ultimately matches the invoice
  2. Get quotes for your customers from carriers that are equipped to deliver to that type of location

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Freight Auditors

  1. Make sure your customers are not paying accessorial charges that they should not be
  2. Help customers negotiate their shipping contracts and get discounts for accessorials that matter

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