Whether it is a truck, drone or robot, specific address level location information is required.

HighlanderTek has created a unique location dataset using geospatial data science and AI to assign location attributes to an address. Location attributes determine if there will be a Residential or Limited Access surcharge, as well as how long the delivery will take, and what equipment is required.

You already get Residential

What you are currently paying for is the RDI™ Code from the United States Postal Service. It is based on Zip+4, with each Zip+4 labeled as Residential or Commercial based on at least 70% of the locations in that area, rather than the actual address.

A Zip+4 could be an entire city block or even a rural town. If you really want to reduce your shipping cost, you have to start using address specific location information to make decisions.

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Location is the new Visibility in the post-COVID eCommerce era.


Take a data-driven approach and present the most cost-effective delivery options at checkout.
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Freight Brokers/TMS Providers

Make sure the quote you provide your customers ultimately matches the invoice.
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Freight Auditors

Make sure your customers are not paying residential charges for delivers to commercial locations.
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Consumers have come to expect fast, free deliveries or an option to pick it up themselves.

Last Mile is one of the most talked about subjects in e-commerce, as Retailers search for the right formula for fulfillment. Today, there are so many options for delivery, but how do you decide? Before making a decision, Retailers need to know the customer’s location.

Location matters when it comes to the Last Mile. With HighlanderTek’s location information, Retailers can match their customer’s location with optimal delivery method and store location, and present delivery options with correct pricing to customers at checkout.

HighlanderTek geospatial solution for the ultimate omni-channel experience helps Retailers win the Last Mile. A quick and easy API call will provide the data necessary for Retailers to pick the most cost-effective and efficient delivery options. No more offering a delivery option at checkout that ultimately does not apply for your customer or a quote that does not include all of the surcharges that carriers have come to love.

The industry is pushing for retailers to have a multi-carrier strategy as the solution for capacity constraints and increased shipping costs. This is part of the solution, but it does not solve the problem. The problem is which one of these carriers should you choose?

HighlanderTek has an easy and cost-effective solution for the problem.

Passion is what drives us

Only location can help you gain a competitive advantage by having access to the information needed to offer the most cost effective and efficient delivery options.

Sustainable Shipping

The only way to truly offer a greener, more sustainable shipping option is to reduce the total number of miles driven to deliver a product. The only way to do this is to use HighlanderTek’s location information at checkout.

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