The Ultimate Omnichannel Experience While Reducing Shipping Costs.

HighlanderTek can provide the location information you need at checkout to pick the most cost effective and efficient delivery option.

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HighlanderTek has created a solution different than anything else ever offered in the industry. We use AI and Machine Learning on geospatial data to label every address with a Location Type. Our proprietary Location Types can be used to offer new cost effective and efficient delivery options for retailers.

Are Residential Deliveries Eating into Your E-Commerce Profits?

  • Carrier quotes do not automatically include Residential surcharges since they are based on a postal code.  How 1980's. 
  • HighlanderTek will tell you if the delivery will be going to a Residential location so you can present the most cost effective delivery options.


Do you know the true cost of shipping, and therefore your COGS at time of checkout?

Would you like to know if your items are going to a Residential location so you can account for the Residential surcharge?

Would you like to be able to choose a parcel carrier that does not have residential surcharges or at least a cheaper surcharge.

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Big & Bulky Items

Do you require your customer to pay for shipping?

Are you able to include the Residential or Limited Access Accessorials at checkout? 

Are you able to choose a dedicated Last Mile carrier for Residential deliveries that require exceptional customer service?

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  1. Pick a regional parcel carrier or crowdsourced solution with a lower Residential surcharge.
  2. Moving LTL? Make sure you apply the Residential accessorial to the shipping cost. 
  3. Incentivize BOPIS or Curbside to avoid all surcharges?
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TMS | Freight Brokers

  1. Make sure the quote you provide your customers ultimately matches the invoice.
  2. Get quotes for your customers from carriers that are equipped to deliver to that type of location.


Freight Auditors

  1. Make sure your customers are not paying accessorial charges that they should not be.
  2. Help customers negotiate their shipping contracts and get discounts for accessorials that matter.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

  • HighlanderTek can help you provide delivery options that will reduce miles driven. 
  • Location can open options that can create delivery density. 

How Does It Work?


HighlanderTek provides location information through its extremely fast and responsive API.  Our API returns a location type that will allow you to provide actual delivery options at checkout with accurate quotes. 



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