Reduce Shipping Costs

With Precision Location Intelligence

Shipments that lack Location Information lead to increased costs, invoice discrepancies, delayed deliveries, and slower payments. 

HighlanderTek’s Location Intelligence Platform provides critical insights into consignee addresses, including Valid Address, Residential, Commercial, Limited Access, and Liftgate.

With HighlanderTek, the Customer, Shipper, Carrier and Driver all win.

Transforming LTL Shipping with Location Intelligence

Location matters in LTL shipping, and HighlanderTek is revolutionizing the industry by challenging traditional pricing models. Traditional approaches rely on postal codes, overlooking crucial address attributes that impact delivery times and costs. Imagine quoting lawn mowing baed solely on a postal code – it’s not efficient or profitable.

Experience the benefits of data accuracy, time savings, cost savings, and improved customer satisfaction with HighlanderTek’s Location Intelligence Platform.

Number of location types used to label every address
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of invoices do not match the quote
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Reducing Shipping Costs One Location at a Time Across LTL and Parcel.


Take a data-driven approach and present the most cost-effective delivery options at checkout.
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Freight Brokers/TMS Providers

Offer less expensive shipping options and make sure the quote ultimately matches the invoice.
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Freight Auditors

Make sure your customers are not paying residential or limited access charges for delivers to commercial locations.
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Empowering Drivers Through Location Intelligence

In the realm of logistics, drivers serve as the cornerstone of successful deliveries, navigating intricate routes and striving to meet tight schedules while ensuring customer satisfaction. Just like the rest of us, they lead personal lives with commitments, emphasizing the significance of predictability and efficiency during their workdays.

Every day, as drivers embark on their delivery missions, they harbor a single desire: clarity. They yearn to understand the potential obstacles that might arise and gain a sense of what their day holds. Much like anyone else, drivers relish the opportunity to plan their work and personal lives with confidence.

This is where the transformative influence of location intelligence becomes evident. When drivers access comprehensive location data, they not only enhance their efficiency but also their job satisfaction. Armed with this knowledge, they can carefully plan their routes, expertly navigate challenges, and consistently ensure on-time deliveries.

Location intelligence is more than just an efficiency booster; it’s a morale booster. A content and informed driver provides an enhanced customer experience and reduces driver turnover for carriers. Regardless of the mode of transportation—whether it’s truckload, less than truckload, parcel, or white glove deliveries—the driver’s experience remains paramount. By prioritizing the provision of essential information, we collectively address the intricate challenges facing the shipping industry today.

Empowering drivers with location information is the cornerstone of unraveling the complex issues that plague the shipping industry.

Passion is what drives us

Only location can help you gain a competitive advantage by having access to the information needed to offer the most cost effective and efficient delivery options.

Sustainable Shipping

The only way to truly offer a greener, more sustainable shipping option is to reduce the total amount of time and number of miles driven to deliver a product. The only way to do this is to use HighlanderTek’s Location Intelligence.

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